Hastings City Council Officially Repeals the Mask Policy

HASTINGS – At Monday’s City Council Meeting, the council officially repealed the mask policy they enacted to stem the rising coronavirus cases. At first, there was an agenda item for a second vote extending the policy but no motion was made to advance. But since it was still open, they had the option to reinstate it if coronavirus cases were to rise again. City Administrator Dave Ptak said that the vote at the last council meeting only removed the sunsetting clause of the mask policy. 

All of the remaining portions of Ordinance 4650, remained as part of the city code. In order to basically clean that off of the city code and to be consistent with the fact that ordinance 4659 was not advanced on second reading this would basically remove any of the mask ordinance provisions from the city code. If or when there would be a surge of the coronavirus that you would wish to consider a new mask ordinance it would be able to start with a clean slate. 

The council ultimately unanimously voted to repeal the mask policy moving forward. Mayor Corey Stutte said that we aren’t through this yet. 

I ask for people to continue to practice all of the things that they have been doing. Continue to be safe out there, wear your masks if you’re able to. Practice good hygiene, practice social distancing, and we’ll beat this thing when vaccinations get up there to those higher levels. 

The council also voted to unanimously pass an almost $146,000 plan to have Olsson consulting firm to prepare plans and specifications to demolish the 16th Street Viaduct.

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