Hastings City Council Updates Fire Code

HASTINGS – It was a less controversial Hastings City Council meeting this week as the council updated some codes, such as the fire code, and approved development projects.

The new fire code falls in line with the 2018 international fire code. Fire Chief Brad Starling says there is an amendment to the code.

The City of Hastings has been operating out of the 2003 international fire code since 2004. Since that time we have had five updates to the code, which have included many changes and modifications. Some changes have been significant and some have simply been a clean up in terminology. We have amended the 2018 fire code to make sprinkler systems optional in one to two family residences.

The council also approved a convenience store to be built at the North Park Commons as well as incorporating Coal Train First Addition in the corporate limits of the City of Hastings.

They also approved the request to utilize city streets for the Half Hastings Race on June 1st.

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