“Hastings College 2.0” is Going Well, According to Hastings College President Travis Feezell

HASTINGS – This year, Hastings College has had a lot of changes happen to it this year with Hastings College 2.0 and President Travis Feezell says these changes have been going well.

These changes include a new block schedule where college students take and complete their classes in blocks throughout the semester as opposed to having all of them throughout the semester. Traveling abroad has become a mandatory class that students take now. And every student has been fitted with an iPad which helps with engagement and cost when it comes to buying books.

Feezell says these changes have made them think about the future. 

I think it’s started to open up conversations on our campus about new possibilities. So whether it’s new areas of study, new experiences. One of the things I think we’re going to take a look at, and the language has started to sit in our campus a little bit, is what would it mean to have impact on our region.

He also encouraged people to check out their website, which also got an overhaul, for more information Hastings.edu.

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