Hastings College Expands Partnership with Central Community College

HASTINGS – Hastings College has expanded its partnership with Central Community College in Hastings. Hastings College has been partnered with them for over a decade with some minors and bachelor bound work and they have expanded those programs with CCC.

Any student who has a major at Hastings College can now take a minor at CCC. Barbara Sunderman, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Hastings College, says that there will be opportunities for students to stay local after graduating. 

Have some new job opportunities that they may have had to do some additional training for in the past but now that will open up. We also think that there are just students who may want to do one thing extra in their career at Hastings College. This will give them that opportunity to investigate something. I’m just very excited for our future students and what this will bring to them. 

Sunderman also said that it’s great that the two schools work so well together and are able to offer these kinds of programs. Students can’t participate until their sophomore year. There’s advisors at both Hastings College and CCC that will work with the students as they move through the different colleges.

Hastings College has also loosened their regulations on how many credits they take at CCC. She said this program may not be for every student but it is great for building a portfolio.

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