Hastings College President Dr. Rich Lloyd Says His Transition to President Has Gone Well

HASTINGS – Earlier this year Hastings College appointed Dr. Rich Lloyd, the President of Bryan College of Health Sciences, as the new President of Hastings College. He also maintained his role as president of Bryan College. Dr. Lloyd says that the transition has gone well so far. 

Hopefully my colleagues would say the same. And that just really speaks to the quality of the faculty and staff that I get the pleasure to work with on both campuses. And really the goal here is to look at how private higher education, high education in general, how we build sustainable models that support student learning, student outcome, support employees and continue to provide a really important educational and workforce strategies for the communities in which we live and serve. 

Since he has taken over, Hastings College has announced plans to partner with Bryan College of Health Sciences to strengthen the healthcare workforce in Central Nebraska. They also announced an academic partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

What we’re looking at is the availability in the public, private partnership, and we’re just really pleased to be part of it, is to really open up the catalogs. Is to look at what Hastings College does really well, what UNO does really well as a specialty, what UNMC does, and then to really look at how we serve students. And that’s really the goal, is to serve students. And we see this reciprocal, that in turn, down the road, we certainly offer areas of focus that might be beneficial in sort of an urban and rural environment partnership for UNO and UNMC colleagues as well. 

He also says the school year has gone well despite the coronavirus pandemic. And although they have had some bumps in the road they have been able to keep their doors open and students in school. He says that’s because the students, faculty and staff have done a great job of following the rules and regulations put in place.

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