Hastings Community Foundation’s Fall Fest Going Virtual This Year

HASTINGS – Since they cannot have a normal Fall Fest, the Hastings Community Foundation is doing a virtual Fall Fest this year. It will be happening all day on Friday from 9am to 5pm. Tia Hayman, who works with Goodwill, says they have a lot of exciting things planned for the festival. 

We are having a magic show, the Omaha Zoo is doing a live event of the aquarium and the elephants. Brody Ray from AGT. There’s going to be dancing, jazzercise, karaoke, race cars, fire truck tours, dog shows, a state patrol video. One of the dog shelters is doing a video. We’re also going to have laughing yoga. There’s a lot of different activities and things to watch that day. 

Registration is not required and it is completely free. They will broadcast the fest live at Facebook.com/HastingsEFree. They are encouraging everyone to join in on the fun and it’s a great event for all ages.

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