Hastings Community Solar Farm An Exciting Opportunity for Residents and The City

HASTINGS – After the Hastings City Council approved the awarding of a contract with GenPro Energy Solutions, phase one of the Hastings Community Solar Farm is underway.

This all got underway due to a Hastings Utilities survey asking residents about a solar farm and when the results came favorable, the city got to work on getting plans ready for one.

Mayor Corey Stutte says this is an exciting opportunity for the City of Hastings.

I think it’s great for the citizens. Hastings College and Central Community College were very interested in it, as well as a lot of commercial users and residential users.  Us getting out ahead of this, it’s the right time to get in on a project like this. It’s priced right, there’s still tax credits available for people that want to invest in it. I really look forward to seeing the information come out and informing people and then we’ll see it being built later on this year.

Mayor Stutte also said that this could attract more economic development in the City of Hastings and this helps Hastings catch up to other communities.

The initial target location for the farm will be just west of the Hastings Airport.

This is only phase one of the farm so there is room for expansion. The construction of the farm could be completed as early as September.

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