Hastings Fire and Rescue Reminds Everyone of Fireworks Safety and Ordinances

HASTINGS – As of yesterday, fireworks are able to be sold and shot off here in Hastings through the Fourth of July and the Hastings Fire and Rescue wants to remind people of the ordinances and safety issues surrounding fireworks.

They can be sold and shot off from 10am to 10pm through Thursday, then they can be shot off until midnight on Friday and Saturday, the Fourth of July. Troy Vorderstrasse, the Fire Prevention Officer with Hastings Fire and Rescue, says that it’s important to take precautions as people shoot fireworks.

If children are around make sure that they have a responsible adult to supervise those activities because many of our injuries and stuff are to the younger age group. Alcohol, fireworks, I know it’s a good time to celebrate but be careful about those, they don’t mix real well. A lot of the injuries come to the hands, eyes, and face, so make sure you’re wearing some safety goggles or something when doing so. 

He also said to be mindful of neighbors and their pets and children as well. Fireworks may not be used on any public street, alley, sidewalk, park or other property owned by the City of Hastings without a special permit issued by Hastings Fire and Rescue.

Fireworks may not be thrown from or into any motor vehicle. Sky lanterns or any other free-floating device which includes a flame or heating device used as a lifting mechanism are prohibited.

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