Hastings Museum Introduces “Low Sensory Sundays”

HASTINGS – The Hastings Museum is introducing Low Sensory Sundays in order to be more inclusive to children and adults who can succumb to sensory overload easily, such as children with autism.

Becky Tideman, the marketing director at the Hastings Museum, explains what will be happening on Low Sensory Sundays.

The Museum is doing what it can to provide an atmosphere that’s a little quieter and a that’s a little bit more predictable. Definitely kids on the autism spectrum but other kids, and even adults as well, can benefit from this. And other museums are doing it. Basically, there will be a sign posted at any button that is going to trigger audio. And sometimes that can really throw a kid off and it’s difficult for them to get back on track. And we are offering this as a little bit quieter time.

Tideman also went on to say that they don’t want everyone there walking on eggshells during these times.

Just that the museum will be doing what it can to accommodate certain people, by doing such things like dimming the lights and turning the sounds down.

Sensory Sundays will be every Sunday from 9 in the morning to noon.

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