Hastings Museum Offering Online Exhibits, Movies, and More

HASTINGS – Due to being closed down because of the pandemic, the Hastings Museum is offering plenty of digital content on their website, for free. They just recently added an online exhibit to the website. Becky Tideman, the Marketing Director at the Hastings Museum, says this exhibit honors local Hastings women.

There’s a lot of local women, profiled in this, talking about the amazing things they did for this community. We’re really excited about that. That exhibit, again, is called Vital Contributions and it’s about the women of Hastings through time. 

They are also doing storytime and the Museum Minute, which are virtual tours of the museum. They also added four different large format movies that people can download for free.

Wild Ocean, Dinosaurs Alive, Mummies the Secret of Pharaohs, and America’s Musical Journey. A great film. It stars Aloe Blacc. But it’s his journey across the US. There’s lots of great musical performances in that one. 

All of this is available, for free, at HastingsMuseum.org. They are also currently offering a deal on memberships.

They are offering 15 months of membership for the same price as 12 months. The membership also gets you access to the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island and any Science Center Museums in the county.

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