Hastings Museum Trying to Connect People Through Pen Pal Program

HASTINGS – Although the Hastings Museum is currently closed, they are still trying to put out programming virtually like their Pen Pal Program. They are trying to get people connected with their peers through this Pen Pal Program.

Becky Tideman, the Marketing Director for the Hastings Museum, says that people need human to human connection during this time of social distancing.

It’s for all ages. We’re going to be matching kids with kids and adults with adults. We’ve got online, at HastingsMuseum.org, we’ve got a pen pal profile, where you report your age and what language you want to speak in. Because we do have some folks looking for Spanish speaking pen pals. We’ve got a local high school that’s got some kids that are really excited to sign up for that. 

When you sing up at the website they will ask you about some of your interests and hobbies so they can match you with people who have similar interests and hobbies. Tideman also says that will make it easier to write those first few letters.

You can sign up for the Pen Pal Program and get more information about it at HastingsMuseum.org. They will start making matches soon but people can still sign up after the first matches are made.

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