Hastings Parks and Recreation Moves A Slew of May Events to June; Bicycle Sunday Funday this Sunday

HASTINGS – The Hastings Parks and Recreation had plenty of events planned for May but most of them have been moved to June. The Youth Track Meet has been cancelled. The Adult and Youth Softball leagues have been moved into June. The Disc Golf Tournament that was supposed to happen in April has been moved to June 20 at Libs Park at the new disc golf course.

Ryan Martin, the Recreation Superintendent, says that they will still have bicycle Sunday Fun Day coming up on May 17.

We have actually come up with a way to not need to have each station manned. So we’re going to have some fun games along the trail. We’re going to have some yards signs that talk about how to do the game. Some short little instructions. And we just ask everybody that if we have single people or families that arrive at the station at the same time, just maintain your social distancing from each other and take turns participating in the activity. 

The May 29 Movie in The Park, which was supposed to be the first one of the year, has been moved to June 26 at Libs Park. They will play the Lion King and admission will be free. And a popular event they introduced last year, the Dog Bone Hunt that coincides with the youth egg hunt for Easter, was moved to June 27 and it will be held at the dog park.

The aquacourt usually opens on Memorial Day Weekend but it will not this year. They are hoping to open it up in June.

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