Hastings Police Department Receives Grant for New Radar Units

HASTINGS – The Hastings Police Department is being awarded a highway safety grant from  the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office (NDOT-HSO) to assist in obtaining  two mobile radar units, according to William Kovarik, Administrator for the NDOT Highway Safety Office.  Kovarik states, “Technology holds immense promise when it comes to mitigating human error. This  equipment is vital in helping agencies to more effectively target reckless drivers, making roadways safer  for motorists and passengers.”  

 The mobile radar speed detection equipment provides the agency with reliable, advanced  technology that will enhance speed control efforts. The total grant funding assistance for this project is  up to $1,800.00.  

“This grant award will allow law enforcement to purchase equipment that will assist the agency in  their mission to enhance public safety on our roadways. It provides the tools they require to focus on  problematic traffic areas throughout Hastings to promote safer roadways, and reduce speed related traffic  crashes, fatalities and injuries,” said Kovarik. 

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