Hastings Public Library Expanding Appointments; Still Offering Online Content

HASTINGS – The Hastings Public Library has expanded opportunities for people to make appointments as the risk dial continues to drop in the South Heartland Health District. There are now afternoon appointments at 3 and 5 and appointments on Saturday as well.

These appointments are for one hour and people can use the computer, browse the library, or use the PixLab. Amy Hafer, the Executive Director of the Hastings Public Library, says that these appointments do not have to be for just one person. 

We want to make sure that you have that hour for your family. So we’ve got homeschool families, we’ve got groups of families that come in that might have upwards of 7 or 8 kids at a time. So that’s why we did this so that you can bring as many people as you need to for your group at a time. We just ask that you wear a mask, we have hand sanitizing stations around the library, we ask that you maintain social distance. 

They are still offering the locker pick up for those who don’t feel comfortable coming into the library. They have expanded to 24 lockers outside the library, allowing them to take more requests.

They still also have plenty of online content planned through at least May. Storytime gets posted up on their Facebook page every morning at 10. Hafer says they have something for every age on their Facebook page and website, which is HastingsLibrary.us.

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