Hastings Public Library Still Offering Special Services and Virtual Programs

HASTINGS – The Hastings Public Library is still offering special services and virtual programs during the coronavirus pandemic. Although they are reopened they are still allowing people to take advantage of special services and virtual programs if people are uncomfortable with coming into the library.

One popular service they are offering are the lockers set up in the alleyway at the library. People can call in or go online to order something from the library to be picked up from the lockers. Kristy Hruska, a librarian, says that their makerspace is reopened as well.

It is available by appointment. We are still doing programs through the pixel lab online as well. They can get involved by going to our events calendar on our website, HastingsLibrary.us, and singing up there. Or if they want they can call or come on in and we can get them signed up. 

They are also offering a litany of virtual programs throughout the month of September. They have had really good attendance for their online programs during the pandemic.

Hruska says that people have been really appreciative of those offerings and people have been complying with the rules and regulations when they visit the library.

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