Hastings Public School Approves New Position of Assistant Director of Special Education

HASTINGS – The Hastings Public School Board approved the creation of a new position at Monday’s board meeting. The new position is called the  Assistant Director of Special Education.

This new position will essentially be the principal of preschool that will be located at the former Morton Elementary school building. School board member Becky Sullivan said that this was a needed position since the preschools will now all be under one roof. 

Currently we have preschool at three different elementary schools. And so the principals at those schools are the ones who actually kind of help out the preschools in those facilities. Well once we move we actually won’t have that anymore. And we have close to 200 kids in our preschool program and there’s quite a bit of staff that goes along with that as well. So we saw the need to have this position created. 

They will now move into the phase of going out and actually finding candidates for the Assistant Director of Special Education position. The person will also be overseeing the birth to 5 years old program.

Sullivan says this position will require a unique combination of skills. They are hoping to get the position filled by July.

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