Hastings Public School Board Refinances Bond for Longfellow Remodel

HASTINGS – The Hastings Public School Board refinanced the bond for the Longfellow Elementary remodel at their most recent board meeting  that will end up saving taxpayers 1.5 million dollars. Board member Tracey Katzberg says that Superintendent Jeff Schneider is always vigilant at watching and keeping the district’s finances in check. 

And he’s always so good about looking out for the district and I appreciate that, a lot. It is his forte and definitely during these times it’s great to have his expertise and knowledge on everything.

Also announced at the meeting, the district will stop making automated calls to parents to inform them of coronavirus cases in the school district. Instead, they will update the numbers on a building by building basis on their website, HastingsPublicSchools.org. Katzberg says it’s important to keep the doors at school open.

We as a board and our administrators want to take every step possible to keep the doors open and to keep everything running smoothly. And the more kids we can get into the actual building, in school, we’re finding that’s just a better solution all around. 

So far the district has had 18 positive cases and only two of those have been students. Due to the mask policy, they have not had to do any mass quarantining like what has happened with school districts that don’t require masks.

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