Hastings Public School Board Votes on Plans for Fall Semester; Appointment Made for Sullivan Replacement

HASTINGS – At Monday’s meeting, the Hastings Public School Board voted 7-1 to approve the plans for the upcoming Fall semester. Tracey Katzberg voted no on the plan. She had brought up concerns of consistency in the plan in regards to optional activities and in school learning.

The plan includes many precautions and protocols surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most notably, masks will be required by all students and staff, temperature checks will occur everyday, constant hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting will take place, among many others as well. There are also protocols in place in case a student or staff member tests positive or has a temperature above 100.

Superintendent Jeff Schneider said that there will be an E-Learning option for those who don’t feel comfortable sending their kids to school.

We’re asking you to give us until August 24th to start E-Learning. Why are we asking you to give us a few more days for the E-Learning? Simply put, we’ve never done this before. We need time with these teachers to be able to develop some protocols and contact all the families that have signed up for E-Learning. To make sure that we have the devices in place, that we have internet, and that we can connect.

The plan and sign up for E-Learning is available at the Hastings Public Schools Website, HastingsPublicSchools.org.

They also appointed a new board member to replace Bob Sullivan and serve out the rest of his term which ends in January. They chose Jim Heyen to fill the position.

The board also voted to add a one year temporary teaching position for E-Learning at Lincoln Elementary.

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