Hastings Public Schools Announces Schools Will Be Closed Indefinitely; Food Program Starts Thursday

HASTINGS – Hastings Public Schools announced that they will be closed indefinitely due to coronavirus concerns. They will also be starting a food program to help out students who depend on school meals. The food program will begin on Thursday, March 19.

The food will be grab and go and they will give out a sack lunch and separate sack with breakfast items for the next day. Jeff Schneider, Superintendent for Hastings Public Schools, says that this was one of their main concerns heading into this situation.

We are going to start having meals available, from 11am to 1pm, at Hastings High School, Hastings Middle School, Alcott Elementary, and Lincoln Elementary. And anybody can go to any of those sites. You don’t need to be a student at one of those particular schools. So this is part of a USDA program, so it is for students. Typically 18 or under and under or if we have a student over the age of 18. And also good for below age children.

Schneider also said that they hope to have some schoolwork out to students by Monday so the kids can keep learning and using their brains. They will also be providing notebooks, writing utensils, and a guide for parents for things parents can work on with the kids.

There will also be information on different activities and games that parents can do with the kids. They hope to have those available for pickup soon.

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