Hastings Public Schools Board Approves Creation of Seven New Positions

HASTINGS – The Hastings Public Schools Board approved the creation of seven new positions within the Hastings Public School District at their board meeting on Monday. They have wanted to add these positions for a while but were able to now because of COVID relief money from the Federal Government.

The positions are being filled now and will be finalized at a later board meeting. The schools had been planning around the board approving the positions so they already had hirees ready to go. Jodi Graves, board member for the Hastings Public School Board, says that it is huge to be able to add seven positions to the school district. 

We also added a technology para at the middle school so the other cool thing about this, in my opinion, is that they’re flexible positions per school. So each school is different. Their needs are different. Their staffing that they have in place are different and their programs are different. The flexibility of these positions allows the school to use it, as they need, in their own school. So I think that’s a really cool part of how this all worked out, that each school can address what they need. 

Even though they are using federal funds to create these positions, Graves said that they will be able to keep them for more than a year.

At the board meeting they also celebrated the educator of the year and young educator of the year recipients. Karen Valdez, a teacher at Hastings Middle School, won young educator of the year. And Jade Bartunek, a teacher at Watson Elementary, won educator of the year.

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