Hastings Public Schools Board Approves New ChromeBooks For 2nd Through 7th Graders

HASTINGS – At their most recent board meeting, the Hastings Public School Board approved a computer order for $146,535 in ChromeBooks from Computer Hardware for students in 2nd through 7th grade. This purchase was made just in case students will not be able to return to school in the fall, although HPS is hopeful that they will be able to. Students in high school already receive ChromeBooks.

This would allow the students and teachers to work with each other while not being in the building. Becky Sullivan, a board member for the Hastings Public Schools Board, says they do have a back up plan for the ChromeBooks if they will not be needed. 

These are the exact same devices that we use for our one to one program that we have in the eighth grade through senior high. We are hoping that we don’t have to use them for the second through seventh graders. Because every year that we have the new eighth graders, they get the new ChromeBooks. Some of the ChromeBooks tend to be in use for four or five years, so we have to replace, we have other things that we need to do, whatever the case may be. They’re going to get used and we hope it’s in that capacity rather than the second through seventh graders. But we felt it was prudent to purchase these at this time so we can be ready to go in the fall if we need to.

At the most recent board meeting they also approved an agreement between the YMCA and HPS to use the YMCA swimming pool. They also  honored all of their retirees this year. They had over 300 years of being involved in education.

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