Hastings Public Schools Has Picked Its Next Superintendent

HASTINGS – The search for the next superintendent of the Hastings Public School District has concluded and the school board has chosen Jeff Schneider.

Schneider has been the Director of Finance and Operations since July of 2009. He began as a middle school math teacher and coach at Hastings Middle School. He then served as both an assistant principal and a principal at Hastings Middle School.

Jim Boeve, the President of the Hastings Public School Board, says that a lot stood out about Schneider.

If you hear any of his interview sessions, his passion for the district was very evident. You know, one of the things that came out in our written materials, and from our own knowledge, is just his character. In terms of striving to do the right thing.  You know, taking a lot of things into consideration before making decisions. Not being impulsive. Our consultants commented to me, that’s what you hear from every reference check on him, is what a man of character he is. Amongst many things that stood out, I think those are the three that really hit home with the board.

Schneider will begin on July 1st after Craig Kautz retires.

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