Hastings Public Schools Superintendent Will Be Able to Change Guidelines 

HASTINGS РAside from just passing their return to school plan on Monday, the Hastings Public School board also passed a resolution that would allow Superintendent Jeff Schneider to change the school guidelines if the situation around the coronavirus changes. Currently, masks are recommended but not required, handwashing and sanitizing will be provided, and they will social distance as much as possible. Positive cases of the coronavirus in the school will be communicated via their website and they will be in constant contact with local health officials. Schneider says they passed this resolution so they could make changes quickly. 

What that did was just allow us to make a quick change. We wouldn’t have to wait until the next board meeting or call a special board meeting. If the situation warrants, and the numbers get worse, and that we feel that we need too, we can change from recommended to required in 24 hours. So that’s what the board gave me the authority to do. Normally, we wouldn’t be asking for that kind of authority but this just isn’t a normal time.

He said if they do go to a mask mandate they will set a time limit on it, then reevaluate the situation.

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