Hastings Salvation Army Continuing Fundraising

HASTINGS – The Hastings Salvation Army has had a rough year, like most nonprofits, and their annual Bell Ringing and Kettle Fundraiser this year might be their most important one yet. They started their summer mobile feeding program early, in March, to help out people who were struggling due to the pandemic and that has affected their budget.

They have also been helping people out more this year with rent and utilities assistance and they haven’t had as many opportunities to fundraise. So that means they’ve had less revenue coming in and more resources going out than normal years, making this year’s fundraiser all the more important. Major Dale Brandenurg, of the Hastings Salvation Army, says that it is easy to donate. 

This year we’ve got some different fundraising going on that we have not before. And, of course, we still have our kettles and both doors at Walmart and Allen’s and Russ’. We have our counter kettles in thirty different locations throughout the city. And this we’re doing what they call round up. You make a purchase, you’re being asked do you want to round your purchase up to the next dollar. So that they can raise money and give to the Salvation Army. 

They will continue to fundraise until December 24th, if they hit their goal by then. If not they will continue to fundraise through New Years.

They are also still looking for volunteers to help with bell ringing. If you wish to volunteer you can visit RegiterToRing.org. They are taking precautions to protect bell ringers during the pandemic.

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