Hastings Salvation Army Needs Volunteers for Thanksgiving Dinner

HASTINGS – The Hastings Salvation Army does a free Thanksgiving dinner every year and they need some volunteers for the event.

They have done this event for over thirty years now and Major Dale Brandenburg of the Salvation Army says that it’s not because of them but it’s because of the volunteers that this event is able to happen. 

We have a lot of families come down, they’ll come down and they’ll volunteer to serve and they’ll help clean up and what have you. And then when their volunteer hour is over then they sit down and spend their family time together and eat. Or they come down and eat and then when they’re done eating they volunteer to help clean up and serve. Absolutely you can make a day out of it.

The dinner will be at the Masonic Center in Downtown Hastings on Thanksgiving Day from 11:00-1:00. They need help for set up, serving, and cleaning up.

You can sign up now for the volunteering by calling the Salvation Army at 402-463-0529.

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