Hastings Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Successful; But Could Still Use Donations

HASTINGS – The Hastings Salvation Army met their goal during the Red Kettle Campaign. The goal was to raise just over $49,000 and on Christmas eve, the last day of the fundraiser, they hit $50,000.

Although they did hit their goal for the Red Kettle Campaign, Major Dale Brandenburg says that they didn’t hit all of their holiday fundraising goals. 

That’s only a small portion of our Christmas fundraising and we are still about $30,000 short from our mail appeal and other fundraising events. We take that through the end of January. And so, we’re still trying to raise that money so that we can get our budget put together. If you haven’t given to us, we’d appreciate a check. It would help us out. 

The money will stay here in Hastings and it’s used as the budget they use to help people with utilities, rent, food, and other necessities. If you wish to donate to the Salvation Army you can visit them or call them at 402-463-0529.

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