Hastings Salvation Army Still Helping With Utilities and Rent

HASTINGS – The Hastings Salvation Army is saying to call them if people need help with their rent or utilities. Major Dale Brandenburg of the Salvation Army reminds everyone that, even though utilities aren’t being shut off right now and rent evictions won’t happen right now due to the coronavirus, people will get their utilities shut off and evicted eventually if they do not pay. 

People are still receiving disconnect notices, they’re still receiving their bills from the Hastings utilities. And we are imploring the people to bring those on into us. Let’s not wait until May or when this clears up and they start shutting people off. If you get that letter, whether it’s a utilities or eviction letter, go ahead and bring those into the Salvation Army. We have our resources, of course we’re connected to several agencies here in town. Let us help you get that bill paid now, while it’s a small amount, before it gets larger.

They are also looking for donations as well so they continue to help people pay bills and continue their mobile feeding program. If you wish to donate or receive help you can call the Salvation Army at 402-463-0529 and dial extension one. You can also mail a check to 400 South Burlington Avenue. They ask that you put COVID-19 on the check.

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