Hastings Salvation Army Welcome to the Table Event Happening Wednesday Night

HASTINGS – The Hastings Salvation Army will be hosting a free event Wednesday night at their building. The event will get underway at 6pm for an evening of food, fun, fellowship, games and door prizes.

Major Dale Brandenburg, of the Hastings Salvation Army, says that this event is them reaching out to the community. 

The part that I like the best is that we are going to sit and have some fellowship. And it’s for people to come and see what the Salvation Army does, what we have to offer in Adams County, what we’re available here for, and to just let you know that we’re here, we’re supporting you, and if you have any questions, come and see us and we’ll try to answer. 

The event is meant for all ages. Brandenburg says it’s a little event they wanted to do to give back to the community that helps the Salvation Army so much.

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