Hastings YMCA and Hastings Public Schools Teaming Up to Offer After School Program at Lincoln Elementary

HASTINGS – The Hastings YMCA and Hastings Public Schools are teaming up to offer an after school program at Lincoln Elementary starting this fall. The Hastings Public School Board approved the 21st Century Learning Centers Grant with a little more than 148,000 dollars for Lincoln Elementary to run this after school program in collaboration with the Hastings YMCA. It will be on site at Lincoln Elementary.

Bob Sullivan, a board member for Hastings Public Schools, says that the YMCA is a great partner on this program. 

I think they’ve got the experience, the safety measures, the training already in place. We’ll see how things go but I think there is high hopes that it will be a great success.

Troy Stickels, the CEO of the Hastings YMCA, says that after school programs are one of the most important things they do in the community.

It’s an exciting program because it’s free. We’re going to be able to have our own staff on site. YMCA staff at the school everyday, full days out. Then we’ll look at plans for a summer program. Whether that be at the school or here at the Y. But that’s all part of it. At the end of the day kids will be able to get a healthy snack, they’ll be able to have help with their homework. 

They will be implementing what the kids learn during the day in the after school program. They will also get the kids time to play outside and be active.

Stickels hopes they can get a program like this in all of the schools someday. It is a five year grant and they can apply for a renewal grant in year six.

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