Hastings YMCA Announces Building Expansion and Renovation Project

HASTINGS – The Hastings YMCA announced a major building expansion and renovation project last night during an event with special guests and volunteers of the YMCA. The project costs more than 13 million dollars and construction is supposed to start in 2022. They have been planning this for years and have been fundraising since last year and they have raised more than 9.4 million dollars. Troy Stickels, the CEO of the Hastings YMCA, said that they will be expanding the 16th Street YMCA.

And that will include adding additional space for new basketball courts, a new preschool, a new fitness center, which is all on the top floor. So we’ll be renovating the entire building, including the pool, then we’ll be adding these new spaces. 

When they are all done with the project, the 18th street building will be sold and they will move everything into one location. They are still looking for fundraising dollars and if people want to help out, more information can be found at HastingsYMCA.Net.

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