Hastings YMCA Beats Fundraising Goal for Annual Campaign

HASTINGS – The Hastings YMCA, like a lot of other nonprofit organizations, have had a tough year and their Annual Campaign might have been the most important one they’ve done yet. Their goal for the campaign was to raise $230,000 and they were able to surpass that goal.

Troy Stickels, the CEO of the Hastings YMCA, says that they were very happy with the results they got, especially considering the circumstances in 2020. That money will go to help people who want to join the YMCA but might not be able to afford a membership. 

You know we offer, gosh I don’t even know, over 80 some things to do. Anywhere from swim lessons, to preschool, to child care, to just even memberships. If people see and hear about all the things we have going on and they feel like they can’t afford to participate we have this money now set aside to help people with financial assistance. 

They also offer free memberships for local sixth grade students. They are able to help with things like memberships, classes, and clinics that they run. More information about joining the YMCA can be found at HastingsYMCA.net.

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