Hastings YMCA Offering Online Classes and Child Care Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

HASTINGS – The Hastings YMCA is offering free online classes during the coronavirus pandemic. With the YMCA being closed to the public, it is still trying to keep people healthy and active, while remaining safe and following CDC guidelines.

They are also still offering child care. Troy Stickels, the CEO of the Hastings YMCA, says that people in the community still need this service.

There’s a lot of people in the community that still have to go to work, especially in our medical community. The hospital, doctors offices, different types of jobs. So we felt very strongly that we needed to stay open, child care wise, for those people. A lot of YMCAs across the country are doing that. Most have closed and are keeping their doors open for childcare. We are taking a lot more precautions to make sure that everybody is safe. Even with the staff that are within that facility. 

They are checking temperatures constantly, spacing the kids out, and making sure the kids and staff are hand washing. If kids show any signs of being sick, they are being told to stay home.

The free online, live classes are available at HastingsYMCA.net. Some of the classes being offered are things like yoga, tai chi, and TABATA. You don’t need to be a member to participate in the classes. They are also helping out the elderly by reaching out to them and seeing if they need anything. And then their volunteers run out and get things they may need and take it to them.

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