Holiday Travel Expected to Be Busy and Difficult

HASTINGS – Travel for the Thanksgiving holiday is expected to be very busy this year with 55.3 million travelers across the United States, which is the second highest total on record since AAA started tracking this information. 49.3 million will be traveling by car.

Gas prices are pretty favorable right now with the national average at $2.55 and the Nebraska average at $2.44 per gallon.

Rose White, the public affairs director with AAA, says that everyone should be careful if traveling. 

Buckle up, put your cell phone away, avoid all of those distractions. With the inclement weather slow down. Remember those posted speed limits are for ideal driving conditions only. So in inclement weather slow down, and never use your cruise control. Cruise control can be extremely dangerous when using it in slick or wet weather conditions.

There have been 226 fatalities on Nebraska’s roadways which is up nine percent compared to the previous five year average.

AAA will be offering Tow 2 Go which is available for those who didn’t plan ahead and are impaired and need a safe ride home. It will be available starting today until 6am on Sunday.

They do not want people to depend on this though, it is meant to be used in a worse case scenario. More information about Tow 2 Go can be found at or by calling 1-855-286-9246.

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