Jerry Bumgardner Will Be Retiring From Crossroads Center

HASTINGS – Jerry Bumgardner will be retiring from his Executive Director position at the Crossroads Center in a couple of years. The Crossroads Center offers a Christ-centered, four-phase program of recovery to homeless men, women and children. They provide free food, shelter and clothing to their guests while they are completing the four-phase program. Bumgardner says that he doesn’t want to leave the place out of the blue and in worse shape than when he found it.

One of the greatest things that I can do, as I leave Crossroads, is to not leave them in crisis. And so we’re beginning now. Not two years from now when I walk in and say I’m going to retire. We want to put that in place now to let everybody know: we know what we’re doing. We just want to be wise stewards. So in light of being a wise steward, I want to announce, not only to the board and to our employees, but to announce to the public that, yes, we do know what we’re doing. It will be somebody following me in my position. And that’s what we want to get out to people is that, I’m executive director now and soon to be executive director, within two years, will be Daniel Buller.

Daniel Buller started with Crossroads five years ago as the men’s program director. Now he oversees the entire program, the five program directors, and the case managers. There is no specific timetable for Bumgardner’s retirement yet. For more information on the Crossroads Center you can check out

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