Kearney High School Placed on Secure Lockout

KEARNEY – Kearney High School was put into a ‘Secure Lockout’ at 9:35 this morning after the principal was alerted to some suspicious activity near the school. KHS principal, Dr. Christopher Loofe, immediately contacted the Kearney Police Department to investigate the report and sent a notice to parents.

Using the district’s safety protocol and procedures, Kearney High School was placed on ‘Secure Lockout.’    During a Secure Lockout, KHS conducts business as usual inside the building and adds extra precautions to secure the doors and create situational awareness for everyone inside the school.   Everyone entering the building must use the doors by the Big K or Door #27 on the west side by the cafeteria.

Secure Lockouts are part of the normal school safety protocol and are used out of an abundance of caution to keep students and staff safe inside the school.  The safety and security of the students and staff are the highest priority.

Once the KPD has completed its investigation and has deemed that it is safe for students and staff, KHS will move out of the Secure Lockout and inform parents.

There is no further information at this time.

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