Kearney Police Department Now Has a Use-of-Force Simulator

The Kearney Police Department now has a use of force training simulator at the Law Enforcement center.

The VirTra system is designed to prepare officers for real-life incidents in a safe training environment. It is made up of three large screens for a 180-degree immersive training environment. It recreates phycological stressors like an elevated heart rate and high levels of adrenaline, similar to what officers may experience during real-world incidents.

Officers can use de-escalation techniques, communication skills, less lethal options, and tactics often challenging to duplicate in a training environment.

Chief Bryan D. Waugh says “As an innovative, professional, forward thinking organization, adding the VirTra System makes sense for KPD. It allows for realistic training, with real-world scenarios, placing officers in an immersive training  environment. Training simulators serve multiple purposes, teaching a variety of critical skills, such as: de-escalation, empathy, counteracting implicit bias and judgmental use of force, incorporating communication, less lethal options, mental health/crisis intervention, decision making and so much more. The ultimate goal is achieving a safe outcome for all involved in high-stress situations.”  

Members of the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office will also have access to the VirTra system for training. 

The simulator was purchased thanks to a generous local donation.

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