Kearney Public Schools Will Release Risk Dial Update Every Friday; Currently at Yellow

KEARNEY – Kearney Public Schools has announced that it will publish a weekly risk dial for each of their 14 schools in the district. Currently their risk dial is at yellow, while the Two Rivers Public Health Department (TRPHD) risk dial is at orange.

KPS risk dials may or may not be congruent with the health department’s risk dial as they are looking at a geographic region that encompasses areas outside of Kearney, including Dawson, Phelps, and other counties. Much like the larger TRPHD region, KPS has 14 schools that may have very different COVID situations.

It is possible KPS could have one school with several confirmed COVID cases that needs to transition into a remote learning environment, while another school has no cases.  They will handle each situation individually. They will update each school’s risk dial on their respective website every Friday. 

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