Kearney Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sunday

KEARNEY – The Walks to End Alzheimer’s continue on Sunday in Kearney. The walk will be held at the stage area in Harmon Park, a different location than past years, and it will get underway with registration at 12:30.

They encourage people to register ahead of time though. They are also offering a virtual way to participate in the walk. Cassie Bailey, the Walk Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, says that walk season is the most important fundraising time of the year for them. 

All of those dollars help us to fulfill our mission which is to help families along that journey through support groups, through education, our helpline, which is amazing and available 24/7. It helps us advocate for policy change to support those families and caregivers who are really in the thick of it. And, of course one of the most critical pieces, it helps us research to ultimately find those treatments and what we want someday is that cure. 

Terry Streetman, the Director of Public Policy for the association, says that the walks are also important for advocacy. 

And for me, that’s the way I found my way to the Alzheimer’s Association, was through my local walk after my grandfather passed. And we find that’s the case for a lot of people. There’s nothing like being at a walk event or something like that and knowing that everybody else there knows what you’ve been through.Of course this year things continue to look a little different. So we’re letting people know, you can join us at those walk events or you can walk from home, in your neighborhood, and share photos. Anything you can do to join that movement and share your involvement and get other people aware and interested. 

The fundraising season continues past the walk season and continues through December. More information on fundraising and registration for the walks can be found at

The Hastings Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be on Sunday, October 3 at Libs Park, also at 12:30.

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