Kool-Aid Days Will Get Underway in Hastings Friday

HASTINGS – Kool-Aid Days gets underway Friday in Hastings with events and activities throughout the weekend that the whole family can enjoy.

Friday will kick things off with Senior Fest at the Hastings Auditorium from 2pm-4pm and the Of Course We Can .5k at First Street Brewing Company starting at 7. The Grand Parade will be on Saturday at 9am through downtown.

Andrea Melendez, a board member for Kool-Aid Days, says this year’s theme is a lot of fun. 

The theme this year is Jamiacan Me Smile. So it’s definitely a different twist than we’ve ever, that I fell we’ve ever had in the past. And our flavor is the Jamaica, so it’s not something you can just go down to Walmart and pick up. It’s something that you actually have to come out to the festival and get and try. So, I’m excited to try it because I’ve never had it, it’s one of our international flavors. 

Luke Mills will be returning for the concert at Brickyard Park on Saturday with the gates opening at 6 and the concert getting underway at 8.

Becky Tideman, marketing director for the Hastings Museum, says they have a lot of fun stuff going on as well. 

We have special hours and special prices, let’s be clear on that, we have extended hours. And then everybody is a kid for Kool-Aid Days, it’s just five dollars admission each day for each person for Kool-Aid Days. And then our movies, just to simplify it, are all five dollars as well.

The Museum has a Kool-Aid exhibit detailing the history and life of Edwin Perkins, the inventor of Kool-Aid. They will also have free solar observing everyday and other events going on as well.

For a full list of activities and events, you can check out Kool-AidDays.com.

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