KPS Board of Education Slightly Increases Levy

KEARNEY – The Kearney Public Schools Board of Education raised the tax levy on Monday night by $0.01303283 cents.

The move, approved with a unanimous vote, will raise the General Fund levy to $1.05 per $100 of assessed valuation, eliminate the tax levy in the Special Building Fund, and reduce the Bond Funds levy.  This is an increase of 1.08% in tax asking compared to the previous tax levy asking.

The increase will provide the district with just over $1 million ($1,006,950) each year to address staffing needs.

“We appreciate the forward-thinking of our school board leadership to help us tackle the various human resource challenges we are facing,” said Dr. Kent Edwards, KPS Superintendent.  “We know that continuing to fund $1.15 million dollars of operating expenses from our cash reserve is not sustainable long term.  We hope that the added $11 annually per $100,000 of home valuation will be considered a good and relatively inexpensive investment for the future of educating students in Kearney.”

The additional funding will be used for the following:

  • KPS will conduct a salary study as a result of the challenge of classified, classified exempt, and certified staff hiring and retention in a competitive job market with low unemployment rates in our community.
  • KPS has additional expenses associated with IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)
  • KPS has additional expenses associated with the new Hanny Arram Center for Success employees and their salaries and benefits.
  • KPS Board of Education is embarking on a new Strategic Plan (2022-2027) and is proactively planning for the future of KPS which could include long-range planning for the expenses associated with staffing and facility needs.

How will this increase affect my taxes compared to last year?

$300,000 Valuation $200,000 Valuation $100,000 Valuation
Annual Cost $33 increase $22 increase $11 increase
Per Month Cost $2.75 increase $1.83 increase $0.92 increase

General information

  • The 2021-2022 property tax request will be set at $48,489,904.00.
    • The General Fund tax request is $41,551,881.00
    • The Building Fund tax request is $0.00
    • The 2009 Bond Fund tax request is $2,930,630.84
    • The 2013 Bond Fund tax request is $4,007,392.16
  • The total assessed value of property differs from last year by +.50%.
  • The tax rate which would levy the same amount of property taxes as last year, when multiplied by the new total assessed value of property, would be $1.21000003 per $100 of assessed value.
  • The Kearney Public Schools adopted a property tax request that will cause its tax rate to be $1.223032861 per $100 of assessed value. This is an increase of $0.01303283 cents from the previous year.
  • Based on the proposed tax request and changes in other revenue, the total operating budget of the KPS will exceed last year’s by (1.91%)
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