KPS Superintendent Proud of KHS Staff Following Protocols

KEARNEY – On Monday, May 3, 2021,  Kearney High School staff used the usual safety precautions when an unknown suspicious person attempted to enter the school.  Using our school surveillance cameras, we were able to provide the police with a photo of the individual and a description of the vehicle.   KHS had no further contact with the individual in question.

On Tuesday, May 4, KHS was advised that the police were searching for the suspect which prompted a Secure Lockout.  Shortly after 3:00 pm, the police informed KHS that the suspect was in custody at the Grand Island Airport, and the Secure Lockout was lifted.  School was released as normal.

Dr. Kent Edwards, KPS Superintendent, expressed pride in the KHS staff for following safety protocols. “Principal Loofe, secretary Lois Van Dusen, and SRO McLaughlin worked quickly to inform and coordinate with law enforcement.  The entire KHS staff followed our Standard Response Protocol to keep our students and staff safe from any potential harm,” said Edwards.  “Kudos to all of our KHS staff and students.  We say it often, and it is true; the safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  We diligently strive to practice our safety procedures, and they were implemented flawlessly with this incident.”

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