League of Women Voters, Adams County Board of Supervisors, to Host Virtual Meeting on Justice Center

HASTINGS – The League of Women Voters and the Adams County Board of Supervisors will be hosting another information meeting on the Justice Center that will appear on the November General Election ballot. Adams County Supervisors Scott Thompsen, Lee Hogan and Dale Curtis will share an update on the Justice Center Bond Issue tomorrow via zoom.

The zoom link will be available on the League of Women’s Voters Facebook page and it will be broadcast on the local public access channel. Thompsen says that there are a lot of problems and issues with the current jail, but the biggest one is probably the fact that it is in non compliance with Nebraska State law. 

We’re grandfathered in with our jail right now, it’s a non compliant jail. The state will end up taking that away from us sooner or later and we will be forced to build a jail or house all of our prisoners elsewhere. Then we’ll be looking at three to three and a half million dollars per year, which we just can not afford to do. This is a project that really needs to get done and we’re hoping we can get it done. 

The county also spends tax money to house prisoners in other county jails because the current jail can only hold about 37 people. The new Justice Center would be a 164 bed jail and it would house the courtrooms, the public defender and the Adams county attorney’s office.

On the ballot language the cost not to exceed is 38 million dollars. It is projected to be a tax increase of around $74 for the average home in town and ranging from $500-$2,000 increase on agricultural land for 20 years to pay off the bond.

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