Local Sports 08-14-2020

Any hopes of Nebraska football in the fall were taken off the table as Husker Athletic Director Bill Moos said there would not be a fall football season. Moos said on Sports Nightly on Thursday night that they were looking at options to play games in the fall, but the Big 10 Conference said no.

“As you know, and our fans know that was not permissible primarily I feel because the season wasn’t really ‘canceled,’ it was ‘postponed.’ That means hopefully we are going to play in the spring or sometime after the 1st of the calendar year. That would’ve made it difficult to play a series of non-conference games in the fall, and then come back and play a conference season in the spring. At least that’s how the conference felt. It wasn’t how Scott and I felt.”

And Moos says there is no chance that Nebraska would leave the Big 10 in order to play football this year.

“”At the end of the day, we are proud members of the Big Ten. It’s a prestigious conference, and we will be in compliance. We thought all the way until yesterday that we may have a chance to do that.”

Moos said he still believes that the safest place for the Nebraska student athletes is on campus in Lincoln where they have access to doctors, trainers, and the staff that will work to keep them out of high risk situations.



NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday there won’t be fall NCAA championships because there are not enough schools participating due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The number of schools fell below 50% on Wednesday when the Big East announced its fall sports wouldn’t be played. The NCAA already announced last week that fall sports championships in Division II and Division III were canceled and would not be rescheduled for spring.

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