Long Term Care Facilities Can Make Plans to Reopen; Senator Halloran Sent Letter to Governor Ricketts Suggesting Changes to COVID-19 Policy for the Facilities

NEBRASKA – Governor Pete Ricketts announced that Long Term Care Facilities will now be able to make plans for loosening restrictions. State Senator Steve Halloran and 23 other state senators signed a letter sent to Governor Ricketts encouraging a change in policy regarding management of positive coronavirus residents in Long Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes.

The letter urges the state to require that positive cases in Long Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes be relocated, quarantined, and cared for in a separate facility. Current policy requires that positive cases remain in these facilities. He also said the workers should be tested more frequently.

So that we can kind of contain and stop that spread when they come back into the facilities for work. We have this Test Nebraska program going on where we are just randomly testing people across the state. Some of it should be more focused on nursing home personnel. 

Long Term Care Facilities will now be able to plan for easing restrictions but the plan must be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services and must be submitted by June 22. Requirements must also be met in order for the facility to reopen.

Senator Halloran said he has concerns about removing current restrictions in place in the Long Term Care Facilities.

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