Mail-In Ballots Being Encouraged For May 12 Primary Election; The Request is Due in By May 1


NEBRASKA – With the Secretary of State Robert Evnen announcing that the May 12 Primary election will continue as planned, he and local election officials are encouraging all registered voters to do a mail-in ballot this year. All registered voters should have received a mail-in ballot request and those are due back, with a signature, by May 1. Romona Thomas, the Adams County Clerk, says there are a lot of different ways to return the request. 

They can send it back in the mail, 500 West Fourth Street, Suite 109 in Hastings. We also have a drop box at the main entrance of the courthouse that they can put it in. You can also scan it, or take a photo of it with your phone, and email it to [email protected]

Lisa Poff, the Buffalo County Election Commissioner, explains the ways people can return the requests in Buffalo County.

We mailed over 26,700 postcards to those registered voters. They should have received the post cards, if they want to have a ballot mailed to them. They can use those postcards by filling it out, singing it, and then they can email it, fax it, or mail it back to us. Now, the county also has a drop box on the west side of the courthouse, in the horseshoe parking lot, that people are able to drop all of their election forms off, in to that drop box.

Tracy Overstreet, the Hall County Election Commissioner, also explains how Hall County registered voters can return their requests.

They can fax it back, they can scan it and email it back, they can mail it back, they can put it in our drop box. Which is at the southwest corner of First and Sycamore. So there’s lots of ways to return it. Then it’s probably going to take a week to process that before their ballot is put in the mail.

If you did not receive a mail-in request, you can call your local county office or check the website to get the mail-in request. Nebraska is a “no excuse” state, which means you don’t need a specific reason to request a mail-in ballot. Once you get the mail-in ballot itself, it is due by May 12 at 8pm. You can either mail it back to your county office or drop it off at that drop box. 

For more information you can visit your county’s website:

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