Mary Lanning Healthcare Has 10 ICU Beds and 17 Ventilators; MLH Says They Are Ready

HASTINGS – Mary Lanning Healthcare says that they are prepared for the Coronavirus and have been prepared. They still have two coronavirus patients in the Intensive Care Unit, with one of them being a Colorado resident.

They have 10 ICU beds and five of them are currently occupied. They have eight ventilators and they have access to nine anesthesia machines that can double as ventilators. So they have the surge capacity to put up to 17 people on a ventilator. Although they don’t anticipate that being necessary based on data about the spread of the virus.

Eric Barber, CEO and President of Mary Lanning Healthcare, reminded people of their visitor guidelines.

On the OB unit, Dad is allowed to come with Mom. For the whole time. With pediatric patients, one parent is allowed to accompany those pediatric patients. All visitors are screened at the north entrance before they come in and issued a sticker that says that they passed that. 

He said they are hopeful that they don’t have to do any further restriction of their visitor policy. He says that, as of now, it is adequate and will help keep everyone safe and slow the spread of the virus.

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