Mary Lanning Healthcare Changes Visitor Guidelines Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

HASTINGS – Mary Lanning Healthcare announced the following changes to its visitor policies due
to the recent rise in COVID-19 numbers within the Hastings community/region. The policies will be in
place until further notice in order to protect patients,visitors and staff.

The MLH Executive Team wants to thank the community for following the rules and keeping everyone

• Inpatient Units: Visitors are limited to one person per patient stay. The person will be designated at admission. The person may leave and re-enter once per day.

• Emergency Department (ED): One person at discretion of ED staff.

• Pediatric Unit: Two parents/guardians may visit. They may leave and re-enter once per day.

• Family Care Center: One approved support person for the duration of labor and delivery. After delivery, one approved visitor who may leave and re-enter a designated area once per day.

• Surgery: One visitor/guardian may accompany the patient.

• Behavioral Services Unit: One approved visitor per patient stay during scheduled visiting hours. Visitor designated at admission.

• Diagnostic Services: No visitors allowed except when the patient has a disability that requires a support person.

• Visitors must be 19 years and older. A photo ID may be required.

• All designated visitors will be screened through the North Entrance each time they enter. This includes staff who wish to visit an inpatient.

• All visitors must wear a face mask for the duration of the visit.

• Approved visitors are expected to bring their own face mask. If they do not have one, a non-procedural face mask will be provided.

• Family members or friends of approved visitors will not be permitted to enter the building or wait in lobbies or common areas. They will be asked to remain in their vehicle.

• Visiting/screening hours will remain the same: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. M-F and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

• Family, friends and loved ones are encouraged to use electronic devices to connect with patients. If the patient/visitor does not have access to a device, he or she may contact the appropriate nursing unit and arrange an electronic visit between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. as designated by clinical staff. Visitors are not allowed to record anything without prior approval.

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