Mary Lanning Healthcare Encouraging People to Get Flu Shots; Hosting Clinic October 6 & 10

HASTINGS – Mary Lanning Healthcare is hosting a drive thru flu shot clinic on October 6 and 10 and they are also saying it’s more important than ever to get a flu shot this year. It will be at the east entrance of the hospital from 6pm-8pm on October 6 and 10am to noon on October 10. It will be 35 dollars for the regular flu shot and 65 dollars for the high dose flu shot. Dr Zach Frey explains the difference between the two shots.

The high dose flu shot has a bit more of the genetic material that stimulates the immune system. We know that people over 65, they’re immune systems don’t quite work as well so they’re more vulnerable. But it also takes a bigger dose in order to get the immune response we want out of them. So that’s why they have that high dose flu shot available for those over 65. 

The clinics are for anyone aged 10 and up. It will be socially distanced due to it being a drive thru clinic. For the children under ten they will host another clinic from 6pm-8pm on October 20. Dr. Frey also says that this year, it’s especially important to get a flu shot.

With coronavirus and COVID-19 disease spreading around it’s taking up a lot of our healthcare resources. And we don’t have a vaccine or anything to prevent that. So if we can decrease people’s risk and severity of, not only getting the flu, but also getting as sick with the flu, that will really help decrease the burden on the whole healthcare system. 

Anyone who is interested must pre-register for the clinic and people can pre-register by calling 402-463-2929.

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