Mary Lanning Healthcare Says They Are Ready if There is a Surge in COVID-19 Patients

HASTINGS – Eric Barber, the CEO of Mary Lanning Healthcare, says that they have eight COVID positive cases in house and they still have capacity if they do see a surge in coronavirus patients. Four of those eight are on ventilators. Barber said that their ICU has ten rooms and they have enough ventilators to handle all ten of those rooms.

The plan after that is to overflow into our fourth floor, which has a total of thirty rooms. That entire floor would become the COVID-19 floor. The rate limiting factor for us would be getting additional ventilators. We have the ability to add another six ventilators on top of those ten. But at that point then we would have to be looking at transferring patients to Lincoln or Omaha. That will probably be to Brian Health or the University of Nebraska.

MLH is currently testing about 20 people a day that have physician’s orders to get tested and they will be able to continue to test at a very high level. Overall, in the South Heartland District, 38 people have recovered fully after being diagnosed.

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