Mary Lanning Healthcare Says They Are Targeting May 4 to Resume Elective Surgeries; Police and Fire Still Offering Services

HASTINGS – During the City of Hastings weekly press conference on Friday, Eric Barber, the CEO of Mary Lanning Healthcare, says that they are targeting May 4 to resume elective surgeries at the hospital. He said they have been monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

We would, according to the Governor’s guidelines, have the capacity to begin doing elective surgeries. Obviously, this is a very fluid situation that changes on a daily basis so we will continue to monitor it as such. 

Police Chief Adam Story and Fire Chief Brad Starling both attended the press conference to address how their departments are operating during this pandemic. They both said that both departments are still providing full services. The Police Chief Story said things are a little different though. 

We do ask screening questions for our staff to protect themselves and protect the citizens with the appropriate level of equipment that they wear, PPE, in the field. So please when you call, non emergency or emergency, our priority, with the emergencies, is just getting the help there for you. If you’re able to answer the questions, do so. In non emergency situations we do ask questions to know what level of response to provide for the citizens. But we are providing full police services.

Fire Chief Brad Starling said they are doing the same thing when they get calls. They also asked that people continue to follow the Directed Health Measure, but they are seeing good compliance within the community.

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